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Between well-being and good food

Rediscover nature by the sea and among the paths of afishermen’s island…

Finally you are in Caorle, a few meters from the Ponente beach, you just have to give all your attention to health and psycho-physical well-being: the frenzy of the city is far away, while the positive energy of the sea is felt, and how it feels ! The beach equipped with umbrella and sunbeds is straight closed and the service provided by is top quality.

Seawater treatments vive benefits to the whole body, stimulate circulation and help to remain healthy and vital, which is why doctors recommend walking at sea for at least half an hour a day: the swell of the seawater brings a positive stimulation to the muscles of the lower limbs, starting with a specific pressure on the sole of the foot.

The sand proves to be really important even for the little ones who are trying to learn walking: taking the first steps on the beach significantly reduces the cases of deformation of the arch (for example, flat feet). So the vacation by the sea and the games on the sand become a nice method to correct the postural disorders of children in a non-invasive way.

To stay in shape in the midst of nature, you can also walk along the shore until you reach the suggestive Fishermen’s Island, a small unspoiled treasure suspended between the sky and the Caorle lagoon.

Ernest Hemingway, the famous American writer, also contains in his book a precious memory of this place.